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For Male Sexual Vigor& Hard Erection

St. Herb Butea Gel 100 ml.

St. Herb Butea Gel perfectly brings back male confidence and pleasure with complete masculine being as it absolutely treats male specific organ to be vigorous and powerful in sexual performance.

The light gel contains flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides from Butea Superba extract and many other phytochemicals from plentiful natural herbal extracts to promote men sexual vigor. The ingredients combined well in the gel stimulate the vasodilating effects in erectile tissues and then make erections occur with strong and prolonged conditions. The gel also helps male gain pleasurable orgasm with powerful sex drive and proper ejaculation control.

The use of gel promotes smooth skin and the feeling of an exhilarating touch with better sensation at the genital area. This gel excellently enhances overall sexual performance without being immoderately fatigued. Furthermore, it can be a lubricant for happier sexual activities. Consistent use of St. Herb Butea Superba Gel also helps increase the size of male specific organ undoubtedly.


  • Stimulates the vasodilating effects in the genital area
  • Improves erectile capacity and stamina
  • Promotes sex drive with strong and prolonged erections
  • Provides proper ejaculation control
  • Smoothens skin for better sensitivity
  • Enhances overall sexual performance without immoderate fatigue
  • Increases the size of male specific organ
  • Serves as lubricant for better intercourse
  • Increases sexual desire


The Butea Superba gel is a preparation that contains Butea Superba as
the main herb, in addition to several other tropical herbs that have been prescribed for increasing sexual performance in men. Butea superba gel will develop the sexual vigor in men, and will act as an elixir for all types 
of erectile dysfunctions and other sexual problems. The gel, if used repeatedly, gives stronger and longer erections. The Butea superba checks out any possibility of erectile dysfunction, and gets you back your manful ness.

Active Ingredients:

Butea Superba: a rejuvenating herb accumulates many potent phytochemicals especially for flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides that are rich in phytotestosterones to benefit male health and stimulate vasodilation at male specific organ with very similar reaction to Viagra but smoothly and thus elevate its erectile capacity with strong and prolonged erections.

Aloe Vera Extract: this skin conditioning agent is effective in soothing and moisturizing. It moisturizes and helps maintain moisture balance as well as stimulates blood circulation, tightens and rejuvenates specific skin, leaving skin softer and smoother.

Hydrocotyl Extract: promotes soothing and healing effects that reduce inflammation and redness of skin irritations, blemishes and burns. It also makes stronger collagen fibers and develops the blood circulation in the genital area.

Propylene Glycol: a substance helps retain moisture content, making the skin hydrated and soft.

Disodium Edta: a purifying agent helps clarify skin and even out skin tone.


Apply the gel on specific organ and massage until it is well absorbed. Use once in the morning and once at night.


Gel: 100 ml.


Products Usage Steps

Men Health and Masculinity Step


Q: How do I know if Butea Superba Gel works with me?
A: After applications, you will feel an exhilarating warming sensation due to the vasodilating effect. This means that the gel is beginning to work on Corpora Cavernosa which is an erectile tissue that is responsible for the production of erections and orgasm. You will have enormous and long lasting erections with pleasurable orgasm.
Q: How do I use Butea Superba Gel?
A: Butea Superba Gel is easy to apply. We recommend you to use the gel on a daily basis. Apply 2-3 drops of gel onto the target area, and thereafter gently massage until it is fully absorbed. Use twice daily after washing in the morning and evening. You will begin to feel a difference just after the very first applications.
Q: After application, can I have intercourse immediately?
A: Butea Superba Gel can be used before or during sexual intercourse as the sexual lubricant. It will, furthermore, enhance erectile capacity for stronger and longer erections. However, it is recommended to clean your organ before application for hygienic purpose.
Q: When can I see the noticeable changes?
A: Actually, you will see the difference around the 4th week or so with noticeable increase of sexual organ. Also you will have longer lasting erections and proper ejaculation when having sex. After all, the results may vary due to individual's physical factors.
Q: Are there any side effects occurring after application of Butea Superba Gel?
A: There will be no side effects as the gel is made up of all natural ingredients and key ingredient of Butea Superba which has been used for centuries to treat male body. Therefore, it is safe to use. At the beginning use you may feel an exhilarating warming or tingling sensation which is just normal. However, anybody who is allergic to herbs is not recommended to use our product.
Q: Do I need to continue using Butea Superba Gel if I've reached my target?
A: After you are satisfied with the results, we recommend a phase of 1 application per day for maintenance or you may apply when you need the extra power for your sexual activities. However, if you stop using the gel completely, you may eventually lose what you have gained.
Q: What is the difference between Butea Superba Gel and Conmax Men Serum?
A: To be honest, there is nothing better or best. Both are best in their own places. Both of them contain natural ingredients that are greatly effective in solving male impotence but Conmax Men Serum works faster as it is empowered by Nanotechnology that makes it able to penetrate quickly and deeply. Compared to Conmax Men Serum, Butea Superba Gel shows a bit slower results, but it is reported to be the best in its own class.

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